The Best Low Maintenance Plants For Your Home

My first houseplant came from a friend. Up until that point, I had never been brave enough to buy one of my own (for fear of neglecting it). She graciously explained that she picked out a snake plant because it was low maintenance. It didn’t need direct sunlight and it barely needed watering. It would just be, and I would just be. I knew then and there that the snake plant and I would be best buds…(I will try not to overdo the plant puns, but I cannot guarantee my restraint). From that day on, I have loved low maintenance plants for home.

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Since starting simple with a snake plant, I have gone on to add more low maintenance plants to my collection. Decorating with low maintenance plants is one of my favourite simple ways to decorate. Plants makes a house feel more like a home, bring in the beauty of nature and have added health benefits too! When plants are low maintenance, you get all of the benefits without all of the work. WIN WIN! I am a be-leaf-er!

In this post, I’m going to share my top 5 favourite low maintenance plants for home. If you are looking for some suggestions, try one (or all!) of these plants! I’ve had each of these plants for several years. They take very little time and energy to look beautiful. I like to refer to them as neglect resistant – the secret to their success is to not overwater! (Sign me up!)

In no particular order…

Pothos Plants

This is my favourite trailing plant! It looks beautiful on a shelf where all of its leaves can hang out and show off. Pothos plants do like light but it doesn’t need to be direct. They grow fast and are easy to propagate into other baby pothos plants (to give to your besties!).

pothos plant

Snake Plant

My first plant is a forever favourite. Snake plants come in many different varieties and sizes – you can pick which one matches your home style best! They really do actually love being left alone and can handle not having a direct sun source.

snake plant

ZZ Plant

The Easy ZZ. This was my second houseplant – and it is a winner. I love the look of a ZZ and how simple it is to care for it. It can hang out in almost all light conditions – including low light. I have had my ZZ in dark corners and bedrooms. It didn’t thrive there in terms of growth but it did survive. And that is key in true low maintenance plants. The only way to hurt a ZZ is to overwater it. Think it needs water? Wait another week!

ZZ plant


I was surprised by how low maintence the dracaena plant is (at least the variation I randomly bought…). It does well with light watering because it is used to living in drought conditions. It is such a nice plant for a console or bedside table. The dracaena does prefer more sun but I don’t find it to be overly fussy!

dracaena plant

Peace Lily Plant

Want to get a nice leafy plant for a bathroom floor or hallway corner? I love the peace lily! It can get a little dramatic when it’s thirsty but I personally consider it one of its best traits. I love knowing that it will tell me when it needs water and I can leave it be the rest of the time!

peace lily plants

Honourable mention: monstera plants – I love them! I find when they have a happy spot they are very easy to care for and take little maintenance. The only reason it didn’t make my top 5 list is because it is a little bit more particular than the others. Still one of my favourites! Green thumbs up from me!

If you are looking for some other low maintenance plant ideas check out this website!

Psst: did you know you can thrift plants? Try typing in “plants” or any specific plant name into Facebook Marketplace to see what’s available. If you’re looking for more tips for thrifting home decor, check out this post!

Always rooting for you!

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