Hey lovely! I’m Jess. I just started a new decade (hello 30!) and, quite honestly, I’ve run out of reasons why I shouldn’t just start this blog! I have words floating around in my head 24/7 (I’m an overthinker – let’s be friends?), and I thought I might pen some of them here.

I want to help you live simply at home so that you can enjoy the sweetness of motherhood. Please know, I am currently in the mess. I am definitely not coming from a place of having everything figured out. The only thing in life I take as gospel, is the Gospel. I put all of my trust in Jesus and live by faith!

In the last 8 years since getting married, we have moved 3 times, had 3 sweet kiddos and started 3 different career endeavours (any fellow teachers in the house!?). Things are crazy. But in that beautiful way that makes you want to wake up every day and do it all over again.

My hope is to share some stories, offer some ideas and more than anything, help simplify the load you’re carrying – even just a little!

I’m so happy, honoured and humbled you’re here!