4 Easy Ways To Spruce up Your Front Porch Decor (For Spring)

If you are looking for some easy ways to spruce up your front porch decor for spring, you have come to the right place!

Did anyone else leave their Christmas lights up until late April this year? It was still snowing here when we finally took them down – just sayin’. I was so ready to see all of the winter decorations get packed away. It was time to refresh the front porch decor for spring!

I’m all about keeping things simple when it comes to home decor (both inside and outside). I need everything about our home to be as low maintenance as possible. It’s just not important to me in this current life season to have anything too fancy (iykyk). But I do love to use some decor items to liven up each space – just like our front porch!

This post is all about easy ways to get your front porch ready for spring.

front porch decor for spring

Front Porch Decor

Here are my top front porch decor items that are low maintenance and will go a long way in making your front porch look GREAT without being expensive or require a lot of attention:

1. Chairs

Last year, I found a matching pair of chairs for the front porch. I snagged the last two I could find because they were flying off of the shelves. I’m not able to find the exact ones but here is something similar. I love using chairs for our front porch decor because they fill in the space in a practical way. Chairs make the front porch feel cozy and inviting; offering the opportunity to sit and stay awhile.

chairs for front porch
chairs for front porch

2. Planter(s)

A planter box brings the front porch decor to life! Just like my indoor house plants, I love to choose low maintenance outdoor plants that don’t need a lot from me. My front porch gets a good amount of sun and I love how this fern fills in the space between the two chairs. This fern will be happy with a water once or twice per week (until it gets hotter)! You can easily thrift planter boxes AND plants for your front porch decor – check out Facebook Marketplace!


3. Wreath

I bought this boxwood wreath 4 years ago at a garage sale. I love that it is minimal and timeless. I’m happy to use this wreath as long as it keeps. Changing up wreaths each season is a simple swap that goes a long way. Just like planter boxes and plants, I highly recommend thrifting your wreaths! You can find some great ones at a fraction of the price! Check out this post to see other home decor items I love to thrift.

front porch decor

4. Doormat

As you can tell, the doormat is well-loved by the sun and our shoes. I told you – nothing fancy here (haha)! This doormat still has another year’s worth of life left, right!? I can’t bring myself to replace it just yet. I love it! Simple and sweet – my life motto!


I love to use what I have first when it comes to the front porch decor. It can be tempting to get new items each season, but being able to repurpose what I already have around home is fun! This year, I reused everything – the only new addition was a fresh plant!

I hope when you see these photos, you don’t see anything too perfect or put together. I hope you see the dirt, the wear from the snow, the chipped paint and the off-centered wreath.

We have gotten used to seeing perfect photos that don’t always mirror real life. I love those photos as much as the next pinterest loving gal, but it’s important to remember that our homes can’t always live in that state. Just because there are still projects to do, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our spaces as they are!

I would love to hear about your favourite ways to freshen up your front porch decor for Spring!

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