40 Fun Things To Do (Because You Need To Let Loose!)

What do you do for fun? If you just shrugged your shoulders, know that I had the same reaction while listening to this podcast episode. I wasn’t even 5 minutes in before the alarm bells sang: What do I do for fun? Why can’t I think of fun things to do? I hurried into the kitchen to ask my husband to weigh in. You know it’s no bueno when he also shrugged. I captured the real live footage:

Fun Things To Do…But First A Heart To Heart

Can we have a heart to heart before diving into a list of fun things to do (when it’s been awhile)?

As women, our default mode is often serving mode. Which is an incredible gift! God was intentional in providing us with the capacity to manage many things at once and do so with a giving heart. BUT somewhere along the way we started martyring ourselves in the name of our to-do lists. Work, meals, dishes, chores, scraped knees and making-sure-everyone-has-clean-clothes (shall I continue?) weigh us down and make it feel like there is positively no room for anything else, especially fun. It’s not that serving others isn’t important, it’s that we are often doing so at the detriment of us having fun and taking good care of ourselves. 

“Fun, like rest, isn’t always naturally part of our lives. Getting things done is. Organizing our time is. Keeping our homes clean is. But rest and fun? Not so much, at least not for a lot of people. So just like you schedule rest, schedule fun. Pay attention to [what that means] for you, don’t feel bad if it doesn’t match someone else’s idea […], and don’t feel guilty for doing it in the first place. You’re allowed to have fun!”

The Lazy Genius Podcast – #256 How To Make Time For Fun

Fun Things To Do…Time To “Pivot!”

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the silliest moments can lead us to big pivots in our lives? (Yes, I just thought of Ross and his couch, too). The conversation (filled with shrugs) in the kitchen shook me up. It’s not that my husband and I haven’t talked about this before… it’s just that it really bothered me this time. I was bothered that not one fun idea came to the top of my mind. So I asked my husband to spend some time brainstorming ideas with me. I knew that that there were many fun things I liked to do but it had just been awhile. I pulled out my notebook and started scribbling.

And friend? I want you to do the same! To make it easier, I’ve rounded up some ideas for you. Write down the ones that sound fun to YOU. Keep it somewhere you can refer to when you need to let loose. I know the world is heavy. I feel it, too. But what is the best medicine for a heavy heart? Laughter, joy, fun. We’re in it together!

Fun Things To Do…A List Of Ideas

Here are a list of fun things to do when it’s been awhile. I hope this helps get you started and inspires ideas of your own!

  • Choose a new recipe from a cookbook
  • Become a wine connoisseur while visiting a winery
  • Get pampered (spa day!?)
  • Pick a sport or activity (my favs: hiking, dancing, swimming)
  • Have fun with fitness (my fav: pilates!)
  • Gifting for others (includes the shopping, wrapping and giving!)
  • Plan girl time (doing whatever because we know being together is the most fun part!)
  • Enjoy a double date with friends who make you laugh
  • Go thrifting (check out come tips here!)
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Take a long walk with a friend
  • Plan a surprise for a loved one
  • Attend a live performance
  • Visit a new city or small town
  • Plan a trip (road trip!?)
  • Take a class (Zumba, here I come!)
  • Get dressed up for high tea
  • Arrange a bouquet of flowers
  • Learn a new hairstyle
  • Decorate a cake
  • Write a silly story for your kids
  • Go cloud watching (find shapes and images!)
  • Visit a nursery and pick a new plant
  • Look through old videos and pictures
  • Paint by numbers
  • Make a playlist
  • Set up a photoshoot
  • Learn to draw from youtube videos
  • Make an icecream sundae bar
  • Memorize all the lyrics to a song you love (learn the accompagnement, too!)
  • Go barefoot on the grass (somersaults and cartwheels anyone?)
  • Do a puzzle
  • Do personality quizzes
  • Learn to sew/knit/crochet
  • Design a room (let your inner Joanna shine!)
  • Plant a garden
  • Watch a comedy special (Jim Gaffigan always makes me LOL)
  • Paint your nails a bold colour (neon!?)
  • Shop for a new outfit
  • Make a fancy latte (try snickerdoodle chai!)

What’s on your list? Tell me in the comments below!

Here’s to making sure to have fun this week, this month…and always!

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