Easy Easter Basket Ideas for Your Littles

When I was little, I would wake up on Easter morning and wait at the top of the stairs with my brother. When it was time, we would scoot down the stairs, pretending not to see hidden chocolate eggs along the way. Our Easter baskets were waiting in the living room with special toys and treats inside. Mom always had the best Easter basket ideas!

My love for gifting definitely comes from my Mom. Her ability to make every holiday feel extra special is something I have held onto and have always wanted to pass on to my own children. I feel so much joy looking for gifts that I think my children will enjoy. I anticipate their expressions when they wake up to find gifts waiting for them.

As fun as gifts are, the toys and treats aren’t even the best part. It’s what it all represents when you peel back the layers. The presents draw us into each other’s presence. The moments that are shared because someone took the time to think of you: the stillness as you forgo the hustle-bustle, the glancing over to exchange a look of excitement, the big hug of gratitude that follows. It is the heart of gift giving that means so much.

Putting Together Easter Baskets

In this blog post, I’m sharing some simple Easter basket ideas for littles! Please know I have only included links for fun and convenience (I don’t know about you, but I love using gift guides to jumpstart Easter basket ideas of my own!).

I like to purchase gifts for our littles on a budget. My starting point is going thrifting, visiting the dollar store and searching small shops before making any additional purchases from elsewhere. Combining both playful and practical items that help transition into spring is a great approach for putting together an Easter basket your littles will love.

Check out some ideas below to inspire your own hunt!

easter basket ideas for littles

Easter Basket Ideas (Ages 5 years and under)

  1. Crayons These ones are made out of beeswax. This would be a great item to kickstart the conversation about bees and their importance coming into spring. Have littles that are afraid of bees? Check out this book! Talking about their many uses helps take away some of the fear (I can personally attest to this!).
  2. Umbrella
  3. Squishmallows These things are sooo squishy soft.
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Baseball cap
  6. Lacing toy
  7. Egg chalk
  8. Play-doh popsicle
  9. Wikki Stix Love the endless possibilities!
  10. Bunny book This is the one I found thrifting. Any book about Easter, bunnies, and/or spring are perfect for an Easter basket.
  11. Yellow chick
  12. Fubbles Bubbles that don’t spill? Sign me up!
  13. Wooden car
  14. Bug bucket So fun for all the bugs hunting the spring brings!

No earthly gift could ever compare to Jesus giving Himself on the cross. It is the biggest and best gift of all. Easter is a joy-filled occasion; overflowing with hope and anticipation! Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer and The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross are beautifully illustrated books to read this Easter (and any day in between!).

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

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